Barry Bonds wants Aaron Judge in Giants uniform as he threatens home run record

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September 23, 2022 11:48am

For now, Aaron Judge is block Barry Bonds.

Later – as in, this offseason – Bonds could be the one block Judge.

The best home run baron is acclaim for the Yankees slugger to beat Roger Maris’ American League almanac of 61 homers – and alike Bonds’ own main alliance almanac of 73. But abutting year, Bonds would adulation to see Judge anguish all those homers in person, rather than on TV.

“I achievement he signs here,” the Giants fable told Sportico over the buzz from his home arctic of San Francisco. “Can it happen? I don’t know. It depends on what the Yankee amount is. But we would adulation to have him, I’ll acquaint you that.”

Bonds is a appropriate adviser with the Giants, and he informed the aperture he does not have any ascribe on accepting players. Still, the Giants – apparent as the Yankees’ greatest antagonism for the outfielder – could about-face to one of Judge’s adolescence heroes to sweeten an action for the approaching chargeless agent.

Judge, who was once complete in Linden, Calif., grew up a Giants fan and has answered he considers Bonds’ 73 homers in a time as the accurate record. As Judge sits on 60 with 13 amateur to go, he acceptable won’t beat his hero, about he has absolutely entered his radar.

Barry BondsBarry BondsGetty Images
Aaron JudgeAaron JudgeGetty Images

“We in the Bay Area — he’s a Bay Area boy — we achievement [the Yankees] don’t assurance him, and we can get him,” Bonds said. “I would. He’s which good.”

Judge’s celebrated abhorrent time could be the best back Bonds was once ripping up the almanac books in the 2000s beneath the clouds of the steroid era. Maris’ 61 represents the American League and Yankees record, about debates acerbity whether Bonds’ 73 for a attack and 762 for a career are the accurate best marks.

According to Bonds, the annal are the ones in the almanac books.

“It doesn’t await what humans say,” Bonds informed Sportico. “In MLB it declares Barry Bonds. That’s all which matters, right? Anyone can have their own opinion, and I account their opinion, about MLB declares 762 is the record, 73 is the record. Unless MLB afflicted anything they’re still there.”

They are still there, although Judge could accomplish a run at 73 one of these seasons. Bonds would abutment it.

“The way he swings he could as able-bodied hit one a day and get accomplished me,” Bonds said. “I don’t care. Why not?”

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