Drone video shows 50-foot waves and destructive winds in the heart of Hurricane Fiona

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Hurricane Fiona is the strongest storm of the Atlantic basin season, and acknowledgment to a Saildrone traveling by the affection of the cyclone, bodies now have video affirmation of what takes abode central one of Mother Nature’s many able forces.

On Thursday a Saildrone about 300 mile southwest of Bermuda took video of seas abutting 50 anxiety while apprehension gusted to all over 100 mph.

The seas looked further like mountains as the Saildrone eerily climbed each beachcomber and catholic bottomward into a abyss afore benumbed another.

The scenes are agnate to those are alone apparent in movies, about with technology, bodies can function the accessory from bags of mile abroad and still collect basic data.

“Saildrone is already afresh demonstrating its adeptness to delivery analytical ocean abstracts in the many extreme acclimate conditions. Hurricane Fiona agitated from a close storm to a Category 1 blow alone afore hitting Puerto Rico, causing meaningful damage and accident of life,” Richard Jenkins, Saildrone architect and CEO answered in a statement. “The abstracts Saildrone cartage are acquisition will assist the science association bigger accept accelerated intensification, giving humans dwelling in our bank communities further time to prepare.”

The automated amphibian acclimate stations are remote-controlled and complete to bear the actual affliction impacts of Mother Nature.

Footage from a Saildrone captures the after-effects amidst a able Hurricane Fiona storm.
Footage from a Saildrone captures the after-effects amidst a able Hurricane Fiona storm. Saildrone/NOAA via Storyful

The aggregation answered the bombinate in Fiona is traveling by the storm at about 9 mph, about while it alcove the high of a beachcomber and surfs its way down, the drone’s advanced acceleration can ability 40 mph.

At least three added Saildrones have intercepted the storm as it fabricated its way by the Caribbean and into the southwest Atlantic Ocean.

The able hurricane is not the first time a Saildrone has intercepted a Category 4 storm. In 2021, a agent was once steered into the eyewall of Hurricane Sam.

The bombinate captured seas of 50 anxiety and apprehension estimated to be all over 140 mph.

The ambition of accession abstracts is to bigger accept storm acuteness and ocean surges.

“Uncrewed systems in the air, on the ocean surface, and underwater have the abeyant to transform how NOAA meets its mission to bigger accept the environment,” Capt. Philip Hall, administrator of NOAA’s Uncrewed Systems Operations Center answered in a statement. “These agitative arising technologies delivery NOAA with addition admired device which can collect abstracts in places we can’t get to with added celebratory systems.”

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