‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ Episode 2 Recap: The Runaway

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There’s no point in assault all over the backcountry while it comes to account the adventure of Jeffrey Dahmer, no allotment in soft-pedaling the nightmare. The 2nd adventure of Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer centers on the many abominable accident in the adventure of arguably this country’s many belled consecutive killer. It entails the homicide of a 14-year-old Lao kid, Konerak Sinthasomphone (Kieran Tamondong), whom Dahmer picks up in the action of affairs booze (Boone’s Farm, accurately and heartbreakingly). It turns out Konerak is the earlier brother of a child Dahmer had formerly molested; Dahmer doesn’t admit Konerak, about Konerak abiding recognizes him.


But this doesn’t stop Konerak from afterward Jeff alternate to his apartment. Why? Because Jeff offers him $100 for photos, and his ancestors needs the money.

In abbreviate adjustment Konerak is drugged. A aperture is accomplished into his skull. Water and acerbic are injected into his brain. Awakening from asleep while Jeff is gone, Konerak staggers by the apartment, out into the hall, and bottomward into the street, area anxious neighbors led by alternating appearance Glenda collect in hopes of lending him a hand.

Then the cops appearance up. Hostile to Jeff’s Black neighbors and biased adjoin his Asian victim, they accurately escort the child alternate up to Dahmer’s apartment, either absolutely affairs into his adventure which Konerak is his 19-year-old inebriated admirer or too disgusted with the anticipation of absolutely investigating a abomination involving gay male which they let it all slide. (Their connected jokes about defective to booty a battery or get de-loused afterward the appointment are all pulled anon from the case files, as is the abominable final alarm to the cops which Glenda makes, in which the cop who took the antecedent alarm basically tells her not to anguish and apperception her own business.)

It’s a fucking case abstraction in cops bigotry and negligence, and in Jeffrey Dahmer’s adeptness to use his whiteness as a absorber to guard himself from the authorities, and his homosexuality as a brand to accumulate them at arm’s length. It’s one of the many abnormally black belief in the account of consecutive killers, and believe me, I’ve apprehend pretty a few.

But it isn’t the episode’s sole concern. Flashbacks to Jeffrey’s elementary-school adolescence are affluent with advisory details. As a beatnik an outcast, he bore attestant to the way further famous kids would affliction their one Black classmate. He would abduction tadpoles and allowance them to his teacher, who regifted them to a further famous kid, into whose home Jeff would bastard in adjustment to retrieve them. They were his first kill, it seems, as he caked motor oil into the jar in which they swam to watch them die. 


Jeff’s parents, Lionel and Joyce (here depicted by Josh Braaten and Savannah Brown), were consistently at each other’s throats: Joyce was once a pill-popping, baleful abhorrence show, and Lionel was once an alternately verbally calumniating and avoidant workaholic. Noticing his son’s beginning hobby in asleep animals, roadkill, and, uh, biology, I guess, he’d assist Jeff anatomize asleep raccoons retrieved from the facet of the road. It’s his way of abutting with his son, who he feels has never been pretty correct back a breach operation in which the anesthesia may have afflicted the kid’s brain. Not which this chock-full Jeff from calling the ambulance afterwards advertent his mother’s latest overdose, while his child brother screams in his playpen from neglect.


Does his abhorrent accomplishments alibi his awful accomplishments as a boyhood (when he fabricated his first annihilate by murdering a hitchhiker, an accident I’m abiding we’ll see eventually) and adult? No. But we see how he boring drifted out of the boilerplate apple as a grown-up: We bolt up with him all through a abandoned and bootless attack to backpack to Miami afterwards accepting out of the Army. In neither place, area you would anticipate gay (if clandestine) relationships were readily available, did he appear out of his shell. And while he moves alternate home to alive with his dad at his grandma’s place, he apprehension up burglary a mannequin from a menswear shop and sleeping with it in his bed. 

This is what he wants: a physically ideal, absolutely adjustable case to accomplish adulation to. It’s why he steals the mannequin. It’s why he drills holes in his victims’ active in an attack to lobotomize them. It’s why he’s bedeviled with, of all people, the Emperor in Return of the Jedi, alike affairs acquaintance lenses to accomplish himself attending further like the adverse Sith Lord. He wants control, he wants the Dark Side to accomplish male and boys into his adjustable playthings, he wants to never, anytime be larboard abaft like he was once by his altercation parents. 


Once again, cowriters Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy, led by administrator Clement Virgo, actualize a abominable account of a damaged man who can alone locate accompaniment by breaking added people, pretty actually bottomward into their basic anatomy parts. He is both sad and contemptible, a burst man who finds his bare pleasures alone in ballyhoo added people. The admeasurement of adversity inherent in administration this actual is astronomical, about so far, they’ve pulled it off. I’m darkly aflame to see area this ten-episode constrained alternation goes. I’m anxious. I’m frightened. I’m sick. I’m watching acceptable television.

Sean T. Collins (@theseantcollins) writes about TV for Rolling Stone, Vulture, The New York Times, and anyplace which will have him, really. He and his ancestors alive on Long Island.

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