New Jersey HS football player dies after suffering head injury during game

1 week ago
Linden High School green Xavier McClain and Linden High School Linden High School green Xavier McClain died afterwards an aboveboard arch harm he suffered on the acreage all through a game. Google Maps

A standout New Jersey high academy football amateur died Wednesday as a aftereffect of an aboveboard alarming academician harm suffered all through a bold two weeks ago, admiral said.

The adverse afterlife of Linden High School green Xavier McClain was once announced by Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, a abutting acquaintance of the McClain family.

Xavier was once afflicted all through a Sept. 9 bold adjoin Woodbridge, demography a barbarous hit as he alternate a alpha to begin the 2nd half, sources accustomed with the accident told

Game footage shows an ambulance cull up on the sidelines afterwards the crushing hit, the aperture reported.

Linden High School green Xavier McClainXavier McClain was once a beginning brilliant on the Linden High School Tigers team.INSTAGRAM-derekarmstead

McClain was once in a blackout for about two weeks at University Hospital, in accordance to Armstead, who was once at the game, News12 reported.

“Together we prayed for a abnormality and hoped for a altered outcome. I believe which God knows better,” Armstead wrote in a amusing media post. 

“With your prayers, Xavier fought a acceptable fight. In the end, he succumbed to the injuries which he abiding a brace weeks ago while arena football all through the LHS Tigers’ bold vs Woodbridge.”

“This account hurts because I have accepted his parents, Lisa and Norm, for years, Xavier and Andres, their two sons, back they were little boys,” Armstead continued. “Tragically their affliction abhorrence came true.”

Linden School District agents abstruse of Xavier’s afterlife on Thursday morning in an email from the superintendent, in accordance to

Linden High SchoolXavier suffered the harm abiding a bang all through a bold on Sept. 9.Google Maps

Xavier was once one of alone a baddest few sophomores which becoming a starting time on the school’s varsity squad, and alike played at times aftermost year as a freshman, the aperture reported.

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