Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Lou’ on Netflix, in Which Allison Janney Gets Grim and Grizzled for a Survivalist Suspense-Thriller

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Now on Netflix, Lou sees Allison Janney get her The Old Man on. She plays a dog owner and above CIA abettor who finds herself in a accident which ends her quiet activity of aloneness and compels her to already afresh bang anytime ass – and you alone choose her to locate Jeff Bridges on whatever dating app retired government spies with ample hand-to-hand abilities and checky pasts use so they can accommodated and adhere out at the dog park, and maybe have a nice babble over pie and coffee afterward. Seems like it would be psychologically productive. The cine boasts J.J. Abrams as a producer, and is directed by Anna Foerster, a longtime assistant with Roland Emmerich, who thankfully with her 2nd authoritative accomplishment (the first: Underworld: Blood Wars) shows little access from the disaster-movie adept in crafting a fairly small-scale action-suspense story. And you apperceive what? It ain’t bisected bad.


The Gist: Lou (Janney) looks like she’s really apparent anytime shit. Probably done anytime shit, too. She’s mostly dead as she hunts a deer, puts a ammo in a deer, butchers a deer, burns anytime classified abstracts in the fireplace, finishes a bottle of whiskey and backdrop her burglarize beneath her chin. Thunder booms and lightning crackles. But she doesn’t cull the activate – no, this is one of those framing accessories you see in movies. You know, the affectionate which choose to really hook ya. We jump alternate a day or two. She lives on one of the San Juan Islands off the bank of Washington state. Reagan’s president. The cars are boxy. There’s anything about the Iran-Contra aspersion on the TV, which is boxy, too. We hear Bon Jovi on the soundtrack. I’d bet it’s about 1987.

Lou drives her broken barter alongside Hannah (Jurnee Smollett) and reminds her brusquely which the rent’s due. Hannah and her babe Vee (Ridley Asha Bateman) alive in a adaptable home on Lou’s property. Lou hovers for a second. Is she gonna say something? She looks like she’s gonna say something. But she’s got years of convenance of not adage something, so she doesn’t say something.That night, the storm rages. Hannah nestles Vee into bed while above the way Lou scratches out her suicide note. The ability goes out and while Hannah bears the components alfresco to analysis the electrical box, addition snatches Vee and R-U-N-N-O-F-Ts. Hannah’s car is dead. She interrupts Lou’s final moments to locate out which Lou’s ability is also out and Lou’s buzz is asleep and again Lou’s barter explodes. Someone planned this: Hannah’s ex/Vee’s dad, a above Green Beret, war bent and explosives expert. He’s declared to be dead. But he ain’t dead.

Alrighty then. They’ll have to clue him by the woods, Lou says. Lou helps Hannah accessory up – flashlights, further batteries, deer rifle, etc. Lou easily Hannah a knife and declares if anytime man attacks her, “go for the eyes.” Damn. What’s Lou able of? A lot, of course. A lot. They expedition by the ferns and cloudburst rain and there’s a brace alarming adversaries and a ambiguous braiding arch and a lot of mud and bedrock and a aberration or two in the anecdotal aisle and anytime bad decisions fabricated by the characters (but absolutely the screenwriters) and are we absinthian our nails yet? Yeah, a little bit.

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?: Lou blends the Pacific Northwest ambience of the awfully underrated ball Leave No Trace with a burst of Jeremy Saulnier-style cringe-inducing abandon (see Blue Ruin or Green Room) and the Clint Eastwood cine in which he plays the crumbling cop who has a affection attack, Blood Work.

Performance Worth Watching: Is Janney the Performance Worth Watching in each cine she’s in? Pretty much. She agilely brings further action to characters like Lou, who allowances from the further ambit Janney brings to cliche-ridden characters.

Memorable Dialogue: Lou starts accomplishing anytime hardcore survivalist shit:

Hannah: How do you apperceive all this stuff?

Lou: Girl Scouts.

Sex and Skin: None.

Our Take: These two female are boxy as nails and they’re activity to accomplish which man pay. He’s a analgesic and an abuser and a psycho and he’s endangering his own child on purpose. There’s further to his motivation, about that’s a abashed junkheap of explainy-plot in a third act which somewhat diminishes the appulse of the close anxiety complete up all through the first two, while Hannah and Lou are really put by the ringer: stumbles and tumbles and wounds and brutal acclimate and a rather close affray with antagonists, all apprehension them actual wet and weary and awkward and codicillary on adrenaline and Hannah’s Mom Powers, which ambit from animation to extra-resilient resilience.

Foerster actively establishes the beautiful-but-dangerous ambience and leans heavily into the austere atmosphere so aggregate tonally jibes by the time the adventure gained clearly aphotic abreast the end, and I achievement I’m not adage too abundant by anecdotic it as tangentially oedipal. That being isn’t wholly convincing; it’s overwrought, and could use addition run by the writers’ room. So I recommend you angular into the ability of the film, which is fast-paced and edited extra-crispy so you really-feel the astriction of the bearings and the backbone of the characters’ predicament, which gained barbarous at times: Women Can Be Violent Too, you know. Of advance you know. That affirmation has been fabricated by a array of feminist blur narratives, which Lou mimics with anytime righteousness, about never pretty refreshes or reinvigorates. And that’s OK – there’s a belly adjacency to Hannah and Lou’s survivalism which keeps us in the moment. But advance in the characters’ affecting journeys is a beneath advantageous endeavor.

Our Call: STREAM IT. Lou is a aces suspense-thriller bolstered by able performances and direction. And you could do far worse than watching Janney dig in and get dirty for 100 minutes.

John Serba is a freelance biographer and blur analyzer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read further of his banal at

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